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In the Kitchen: Your frozen, fried and campfired summer

Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times Greetings, sun worshipers, Now that summer has officially arrived in Southern California — weather-wise, if not strictly according to the calendar — I’ve been thinking a lot about hot-weather foods. And that, of course, means ice cream. And, because our diets are...

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What has three legs, is made of cast iron, and can cook dumplings?

Similar to the Dutch ovens you might find in the kitchen, a camp oven is a deep pot with a tight-fitting lid, usually made of cast iron. But unlike the kitchen version, a camp oven sits on three stubby legs over hot coals or briquettes. It usually comes with a flanged lid (formed with a lip on...

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Beer, Wine and Cocktails

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Negroni Week: Where to get a drink for a good cause