Cocktail Issue: Jonathan Gold's guide to drinking and more


Tea goes beyond the cup with uses in cookies, rubs, braises and more

The next time you sit down for a cup of tea, take in the aromatic steam while it's brewing. The smoky flavor of hojicha, a drink made from green tea that's been smoked over charcoal, might suggest the aroma of a woodsy campfire. Genmaicha, which combines grassy green tea with crisped and popped...

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Smoking, hot or cold, can add flavor to nearly any food

There's a primal wonder to smoked food — that such depth of flavor can come from so simple a technique. And then there's the fun of the process itself, whether you're working with a formal smoker setup or one you've "MacGyver-ed" out of odds and ends. Because, with a little creativity, you can...

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Adrian Grenier's Churchkey Can Co. beer is now in L.A.

Adrian Grenier's Churchkey Can Co. beer is now in L.A.

Just in time for the theatrical premiere of HBO’s "Entourage" comes a brand of beer launched by its star. Adrian Grenier’s Churchkey Can Co. is now offering their unique craft pilsner in Los Angeles, and the most notable aspect of the brand is not the celebrity founder but the throwback packaging...