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Drink your dessert with Stone Brewing's new carrot cake beer

A beer inspired by carrot cake? Gimmicky maybe, but Stone Brewing Co.’s newest collaboration release captures the essence of the dessert without leaving the beer behind. It is more of a nod to the sweet and spicy cake than an attempt to faithfully recreate it as a beer, and it works surprisingly...

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Do you love to catch trout? You'll love cooking it too with our recipes

It's dawn, and you're camped at a small creek in the Sierra Nevada foothills, just south of Mammoth, a few hours from the chaos of Los Angeles. Maybe you're at Rock Creek, maybe McGee Creek. The quaking aspens and pine trees have replaced the city traffic. You grab your lucky wooden creel and stow...

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How to order wine like a pro at Cassia in Santa Monica

How to order wine like a pro at Cassia in Santa Monica

Wine director Kathryn Coker thought long and hard about the wines she would pair with chef Bryan Ng’s Southeast Asian-inspired food at Cassia, which opened a few months ago in Santa Monica. Coker says she wanted the list to be food friendly, but also very affordable. Most of the wines are under...