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'Hey, where's all the white people?' Trevor Noah tackles fairness of affirmative action in college admissions

With political matters reshuffling the deck of the day's news on seemingly an hourly basis, late-night hosts continue to have plenty of choices on where to focus their aim. 

Seth Meyers, for instance, targeted the evergreen topic of chaos behind the scenes of the Trump White House, while Stephen Colbert looked at the transcript of a recent Wall Street Journal interview with the president through the lens, naturally, of a cartoon. (Look for more of that as a "Late Show" spinoff airing this fall on Showtime — seriously.)

"The Daily Show With Trevor Noah," meanwhile, tackled the Justice Department's recently announced plans to investigate the fairness of affirmative action in college admissions, specifically for white applicants.

"Finally!" Noah enthused. "You know how many times I go to colleges in America and say, 'Hey, where's all the white people?' If American colleges were any whiter, Jon Snow would build a wall to protect us from them."

With a faint air of incredulity, Noah further examined the plans, which are in part spurred by a Washington Post poll showing that most Trump supporters feel white people have it worse than black people. "Where?" Noah asked. "In the sun?"

Watch the segment above.

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