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Welcome to the new L.A. Times Book Club. Our mission is to get people talking again by making your newspaper not merely something to read every day but something to experience. Something that regularly brings us together.

The focus is on stories and storytellers relevant to Southern California and the West.

Latest news: We're reading "They Called Us Enemy" by actor and author George Takei, who joins the L.A. Times Book Club on Sept. 10. Takei’s memoir, told as an illustrated graphic novel, details his childhood years in internment camps during World War II. Get tickets.

On Oct. 21, bestselling novelist Michael Connelly will discuss "The Night Fire," the next installment of the popular series featuring detectives Harry Bosch and Renée Ballard. Tickets coming soon.

Previously: Author Laila Lalami joined Times reporter Lorraine Ali for a conversation about “The Other Americans, ”a mystery and family saga set in the Southern California desert. Here's an interview with Lalami and five things to know about "The Other Americans."

LA Times Book Club

Launch: The L.A. Times Book Club previously read "The Library Book" by bestselling author Susan Orlean and hosted a community forum where Orlean and readers shared library stories.

We took a deep dive to explore what L.A. is reading right now and showed book lovers how to read for free with library apps.

The L.A. Times Book Club builds on the success of America's largest literary event, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which attracts 150,000 people every April. We want to keep the conversation going year-round.

The book club will give readers the opportunity to see, hear and interact with world-class authors, celebrities, chefs and newsmakers as they discuss their books and tell their stories.

What to expect:

Every month we'll share a book club selection, publish stories exploring the topic, and invite you to read along. Then we'll host a community book club evening with the featured author and invite you to join that, too.

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Host: Donna Wares

I’m Donna Wares, the editor of the new Los Angeles Times Book Club. My goal is to get L.A. reading and talking. So tell me: What stories do you want to share with the city? What authors would you most like to meet? Here's your chance to help us build something amazing.

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