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G&B Coffee is getting torn down -- don't worry, it's temporary

Kyle Glanville is taking a sledgehammer to his popular coffee stand at Grand Central Market. On Monday night, Glanville and his crew are tearing down G&B Coffee. 

Calm down. They're not leaving — they're just remodeling. And for the two to three weeks that Glanville says it will take to build the new place, the coffee shop will continue to operate as a stand on the Hill Street side of Grand Central,...

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Buy This Now: Zucchini, with 12 recipes

What’s not to like about zucchini? You can glaze them, stuff them, roast them, fold them into a frittata, salt them for salad — see what I mean?

Although zucchini may not be much to look at, they’re wonderful to cook with. It’s hard to imagine another vegetable that gives you so many possibilities. I once put together a list of 31 zucchini dishes — and I was just getting started.

Of course, as with...

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Counter: Manhattan Beach, Italy and the life of pie
Extra crispy fried chicken, waffles and cheesecake at Mabel's in DTLA

Name: Mabel's. Underneath the name it says: Chicken, Waffles, Spectacle. We're still unclear on the spectacle bit, but it's painted in big letters on one of the restaurant's walls.

Concept: Mabel's is a tiny restaurant serving fried chicken and waffles by chef and owner Jason Harley, near Hill Street and Olympic Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles. There's fried chicken, waffles, coleslaw, potato salad,...

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What were you cooking in July? Here's our Top 10

July was one of the hottest, most humid months in memory. But that didn’t stop our readers from cooking up a storm. Among the 10 most downloaded recipes from our California cookbook database were two mac 'n' cheese dishes, a French onion soup and meatloaf. Hope you all served some very cold beer with all that.

And a roasted potato salad led the way. Test Kitchen Director Noelle Carter’s spin on the...

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Here's your chance to brew your dream beer without having to open a brewery

Any serious beer lover has, perhaps after a pint or three, thought about taking up brewing for themselves. Many of these hopeful brewers turn to the booming hobby of home brewing, and while it’s a noble and entertaining pursuit, it takes time, patience and not a small investment in equipment and ingredients.

But here's a slightly less labor-intensive idea. Angel City Brewery is offering one lucky...

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