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Farmers market report: Figs are in season

What’s in season: The many varieties of figs can usually be divided into two classes: green and black. Here in California, black figs — including smaller Mission and larger, paler Brown Turkey — are most often eaten fresh, as they’re generally sweeter and have a more pronounced flavor.

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Where to find shaved ice and pastrami dumplings next weekend, plus a farmers market tour

Like the sound of pastrami dumplings, gin cocktails and shaved ice? Open your calendar app and pay attention. Here are three food events you should known about: 

The 7th annual L.A. LuckyRice grand feast is happening at Vibiana in downtown L.A. July 29. The event will highlight food from Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea and the Philippines.

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You should really be making olive oil pancakes. Here's a recipe.

Light and fluffy, with a slight buttermilk tang, what sets these pancakes apart is a touch of rich and fruity olive oil. In this recipe from chef Jose Andres, a good olive oil creates subtle, fragrant notes and chopped dark chocolate adds a touch of magic to every bite (doesn’t dark chocolate do that with everything?).

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Meet the Peaches' country fried steak sandwich, a.k.a. your new food crush

This city is currently experiencing an obsession with fried chicken. If we’re being specific, it’s actually an intense love affair with fried chicken sandwiches — larger-than-life, can’t-quite-fit-my-mouth-around towers of crispy fried chicken thighs, pickle chips and mayonnaise on golden, fluffy buns.

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Live discussion: It’s lunchtime with Jonathan Gold
How to make a quick and easy grilled romaine salad

Fix a simple weekday dinner outdoors tonight with this grilled romaine recipe from former Food columnist Russ Parsons. Crunchy romaine lettuce hearts are brushed with a quick Caesar-like dressing combining anchovies with garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, then charred over a hot grill for a couple of minutes.

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