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Sugar snap peas are in season. We have recipes

What’s in season: Often referred to as just “sugar peas,” sugar snap peas are known for their sweet and bright but delicate flavor and great crunch. The peas are a cross between the English pea and the snow pea developed by a plant breeder named Calvin Lamborn in the 1970s. And, they’re a cook’s dream: You can eat the peas, pod and all — no shucking required.

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Along a Los Angeles freeway, the 101 Cider House rules

L.A. has never been a cider city. Between the craft beer industry and wine country, Los Angeles County produces some exceptional alcohol but it’s never been the place you go to find good cider — until now. Thanks to 101 Cider House, a Westlake Village cider producer making experimental sour ciders from produce from farmers along the 101 Freeway, that’s beginning to change.

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You've earned it: 15 of our favorite cheesecake recipes

Congratulations. You’ve almost made it to the end of the work week. Why not celebrate with cheesecake? We’ve compiled 15 of our favorite cheesecake recipes, from tall and creamy to Oreo-filled, savory, peanut butter and more. Because, you’ve earned it.

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Live discussion: It's lunchtime with Jonathan Gold
Cookbook of the week: 'In My Kitchen,' by Deborah Madison, and a soup recipe

Vegetable cooking has come an awfully long way since Deborah Madison started cooking vegetarian food, which the celebrated cookbook author circumspectly notes in the introduction to her 14th cookbook, out next month from Ten Speed Press.

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Vespertine, a new Culver City restaurant from chef Jordan Kahn, will combine food and architecture

For more than three years, Jordan Kahn has been harboring a secret.

The 33-year old chef,  previously best known for his cooking at the now-closed Beverly Hills restaurant Red Medicine, where he transformed appetizers into terrarium foodscapes and served birch ice for dessert, last year opened Destroyer, an all-day cafe in Culver City’s Hayden Tract. 

Destroyer seemed like an odd choice for a comeback.

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