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Thai chef Suthiporn 'Tui' Sungkamee dies at 66; his gift for spices turned Jitlada into a favorite

Suthiporn "Tui" Sungkamee, co-owner of Jitlada restaurant in Thai Town and a chef known for elevating Thai cuisine in Los Angeles to new heights, died Wednesday after a battle with lung cancer. He was 66.

Opened in 2006, the restaurant gained a cult following, one that includes actors Ryan Gosling and Dev Patel.

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Start your day with 18 of our favorite pancake recipes

Some days simply don’t start any better than with a stack of pancakes. We’ve compiled 18 of our favorite recipes, from buttermilk to oatmeal, buckwheat to apple, plus chocolate, pumpkin and more.

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One chef's road from addiction and fine dining to the teaching kitchen

When Charlie Negrete started working in restaurant kitchens as a teenager, he was already an addict. Growing up in East Los Angeles, he’d witnessed so much drug use among his family members that he saw nothing unusual about developing a meth habit in middle school. He was thrilled when the owner of the Alameda restaurant where he was washing dishes at 15 started getting him high after work.

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Live discussion: It's lunchtime with Jonathan Gold
Burnt milk ice cream, grasshopper sorbet and other great recipes from Fany Gerson's latest cookbook

First let us point out that in Los Angeles, October can often feel like the hottest month of the year (blame the Santa Anas), so unlike in some areas of this country, it is actually peak ice cream season here.

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Culinary SOS: 127 of your favorite restaurant recipes

Have a favorite restaurant dish? Our Culinary SOS column features recipes for dishes from your favorite restaurants, both in Los Angeles and around the world.

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