'Flood fighting is in our DNA': To live by the Feather River is to know its power and danger

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Why you'll probably want to head to Silver Lake for soft serve, even in the rain

Lately, the object of our seasonally inappropriate desire has been the soft-serve ice cream at Magpies Softserve, a little storefront in a strip mall on Hyperion Boulevard in Silver Lake, that opened last summer.  Owners Warren and Rose Schwartz are both chefs —  Warren has a background in fine dining and is the former executive chef at Saddle Peak Lodge in Malibu, and Rose is a pastry chef.

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Warm up with some of our favorite vegetarian soup recipes

We’ve had a lot of rain this winter, and sometimes there’s nothing like a bowl of soup to warm you up. We’ve compiled 29 of our favorite recipes, from rich purees to rustic vegetable, pasta and barley-based soups. Best of all? They’re perfect for Meatless Monday.

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Make 2017 your best wine year ever

It’s a new year, filled with new opportunities, and as the political landscape takes ungainly shape, it’s a year that will certainly be spent drinking. So as you scan the headlines and find yourself reaching for the bottle, why not make good use of the opportunity? Instead of picking up just any bottle, try expanding your wine options for 2017.

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How and where to attend cannabis-infused dinners (and a cooking class) in Los Angeles

There are more reasons than ever for Angelenos to explore marijuana. In November, California passed Proposition 64, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults, and the sale of recreational marijuana in retail locations in 2018. While most are more familiar with smoking marijuana, some like to eat cannabis as well.

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Carrots are in season. We have recipes

What’s in season: Though you can buy orange carrots at the supermarket any time of the year, winter is the best season to find the root vegetables because the cold weather makes for crisper, sweeter roots.

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First Impression: China Taste, maybe the San Gabriel Valley’s first Anhui-style restaurant

When you read about Chinese cooking, you will sooner or later come across a reference to the Eight Great Cuisines, the traditional regions that are supposed to define all that is best about Chinese food.

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