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Summer’s here, time to drink yellow beer

It wasn’t so long ago that straw yellow beer was considered the enemy of the craft beer movement. Light lager represented the unimaginative hegemony of the giant breweries, while pungent pale ales and inky stouts were deemed more flavorful, genuine expressions of the brewer’s trade. But recently, even craft brewers have embraced golden lagers and their related styles.

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8 reasons — and recipes — why brown butter makes everything taste better

Be it sweet or savory, sometimes all a dish needs for added richness and depth is a little browned butter. We’ve compiled eight great recipes, from cookies to tortes, salmon to asparagus, that are improved with this simple ingredient.

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How an important Central Coast vineyard fought off the Alamo fire

Two of the current wildfire season’s biggest blazes, the Alamo and Whittier fires, have ravaged tens of thousands of acres in California’s Central Coast region, in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties, respectively.

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Live discussion: It's lunchtime with Jonathan Gold
Culinary SOS: Brown Sugar Kitchen's waffle recipe

The best waffles commercially available, I am prepared to state, come from Brown Sugar Kitchen, a small, fragrant breakfast diner on Mandela Parkway in West Oakland.

The waffles, Tanya Holland’s cornmeal-enhanced riff on Marion Cunningham’s famous yeasted waffles, are crisp, light and so violently leavened that they threaten to leap from the waffle iron in which they are cooked.

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11 gluten-free pasta recipes perfect for Gluten-Free Wednesday

Just because it’s Gluten-Free Wednesday doesn’t mean you have to skip the pasta. We’ve compiled 11 delicious and creative recipes — cashew cream fettuccine, stir-fried zucchini noodles, smoked chicken with soba noodles, and more — perfect for today, or any day of the week .

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