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The best lunch special in downtown L.A. may be at the new Tabachines Cocina
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Cocktails at Target? It could happen in Chicago

Imagine pausing for a cocktail break during your next two-hour shopping spree at Target. It could happen in Chicago. 

A Target store in Chicago, scheduled to open this fall, could be the first to have a full bar, reported Chicagobusiness.com.

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Make this spicy jalapeno burger on a cheese bagel for dinner tonight

Forget the McWhopper. And be honest with yourself. The thought of the McDonald's Big Mac and Burger King Whopper hybrid scares you, even if it's just a little. 

If you're craving a burger hybrid, try this hot jalapeno burger on a jalapeno cheese bagel. Yes, a spicy cheese bagel.

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Buy This Now: Grapes, with 11 recipes

I’m on a quest to restore the Thompson seedless grape to the reputation it so richly deserves. Wish me luck.

You may wonder what I’m going on about if all you’ve ever had are those hard green Thompsons you find at the grocery store. But trust me on this: As much as I love muscats and Concords and Kyohos, a fully ripened Thompson seedless is one of the best grapes you’ll taste.

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Wine accessories you probably need now. Discreet leather wine tote anyone?

You may have bought a bottle of wine from Whitney Adams at DomaineLA, where she’s worked part time for the last four years. But did you know she’s also a sommelier, wine blogger and entrepreneur, who sells clever wine accessories at her online shop Bottle Stock and at DomaineLA, Arroyo General in Highland Park and the new Esters Wine Bar & Shop in Santa Monica?

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Trader Joe's recalls dark chocolate graham crackers after label mishap

Trader Joe's is recalling packages of its dark chocolate-covered honey grahams with sea salt, the company announced on its website Tuesday. 

The recall was issued after the product's supplier informed Trader Joe's that the product contains milk.

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