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China Cafe, the counter with the won ton soup at Grand Central Market, closes for remodels

From a new Middle Eastern restaurant on Sunset Boulevard to a gin and tonic bar in Santa Monica, here’s what’s happening in the L.A. world of food and drinks: 

More won ton soup please: Since the 1950s, people have sat shoulder to shoulder at the red counter at the China Cafe inside Grand Central Market, hunched over bowls of steaming won ton soup.

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Keep it simple tonight with this roasted pepper, greens and cheese panini sandwich recipe

When you’re looking for the perfect quick dinner or a meal you can eat on the go, you can’t do better than a great sandwich. This recipe comes courtesy of chef and cookbook writer Deborah Madison and her husband, Patrick McFarlin, in their book, “What We Eat When We Eat Alone.”

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Where to celebrate Repeal Day with $1 cocktails and more drink specials

Today is Repeal Day, which commemorates the end of the 13 dark years of Prohibition. To celebrate, here are some bars around Los Angeles offering specials. Some of the drinks are priced as low as $1 a tipple.

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Warm up with this rich potato green chile soup recipe for Meatless Monday

Sometimes dinner doesn’t get any better than a bowl of soup. This recipe, from La Casa Sena in Santa Fe, N.M., combines tender potatoes that are puréed with heavy cream to form the base for this rich and satisfying soup, with roasted diced chiles folded in for subtle heat. It’s perfect for Meatless Monday, or any chilly night.

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Jonathan Gold didn't expect a Nick Erven vegan restaurant, but it might be L.A.'s best vegan dining

When you walk into Erven, Nick Erven’s newish restaurant in Santa Monica, you may not immediately place it as vegan. There’s a kind of deli counter up front selling salads and sandwiches to go, and the guy at the host station may hand you a shot glass of sangria as a gesture of goodwill.

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Farmers market report: Broccoli is in season. We have recipes

What’s in season: Generally in season from the winter months well into spring, broccoli gets its name from the Italian word for “cabbage sprout,” and it is related to Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and other members of the cabbage family.

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