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Our Top 10 recipes: Here's what you were cooking in June

You loyal Los Angeles Times readers are an eclectic bunch, it must be said. What have you been cooking in June? Everything from rigatoni with mushrooms and pancetta to dog biscuits.

Tracking the Top 10 most downloaded recipes from our California Cookbook database, which includes recipes dating back to the 1990s, shows just how diverse our readers' interests are.

Besides the rigatoni and the dog biscuits...

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A buttery cake for Ramadan reminds a chef of his childhood

"That smell, it reminds me of when I was a baby," Farid Zadi says softly as he gently brushes melted butter over the thin cake. He's making a traditional sweet called baghrir — it's a sort of cross between pancakes and crepes — that he stacks on a plate. Baghrir is an ancient Berber dish native to North African countries including Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

After the butter, he'll brush over a...

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Video: Watch this guy try to cut a watermelon with a sword

The video shown above should be viewed as a public service announcement to all "Game of Thrones" fans looking for ways to use that sword they bought on the Internet. Do not use it to cut a watermelon. Especially if that watermelon is sitting on a glass table. 

Seems like a stating-the-obvious type situation. Not for one man, who attempted to cut a whole watermelon with a sword, on a glass patio table,...

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Nutella pastries and schnitzel: BierBeisl Imbiss opens downtown

Originally slated to open in February, BierBeisl Imbiss, the casual Austrian restaurant from Bernhard Mairinger, will finally open in the Spring Street Arcade downtown on July 9.

What took so long? Contractor problems, says Mairinger. No surprise there.

But now the door is painted with the flag of Mairinger’s home region in upper Austria. Outside in front, chairs are lined up along a skinny wooden...

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Beer accessory of the day: REI growler

If you're a fan of craft beer and also enjoy the outdoors, you're all too aware of the problems inherent in camping — much less hiking — with full kegs. Hiking with a six pack of glass bottles isn't really a lot of fun either. Lucky for us all, REI has the perfect solution: a 64-ounce wide-mouth insulated Hydro Flask.

Maybe they call it a Hydro Flask instead of a growler (a much better word) since...

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Pack it up: 58 great summer picnic recipes

The weather's great and summer is beckoning — so get outdoors already. We've picked out 58 of our favorite picnic recipes, ready to pack, whether you're planning an afternoon at the beach, a day trip, an evening at the Hollywood Bowl or maybe just hanging out in somebody's backyard with a keg. (See: Fourth of July.)

Tempting dips and snacks, fresh salads, creative mains and great dessert ideas. And...

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