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This ice cream doesn't melt -- are you freaking out yet?
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Buy This Now: Apples, with 12 recipes

The arguments begin almost as soon as the first apple is harvested every year. Which variety is best? Problem is, the question's impossible to answer.

That’s because the question is so complicated. To choose the best apple requires a matrix of information — variety, certainly, but also how it was grown and where, when it was harvested and how long ago and what you’re going to use it for.

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You really want my business, McDonald's? How about #AllDayFrenchfries

McDonald's announced it will start serving all-day breakfast Oct. 6. But what about the French fries? 

After the all-day breakfast starts, customers will be able to shove hashbrowns into their Big Macs, dip their crispy chicken sandwiches in pancake syrup, and eat their Egg McMuffins with French fries — all after 10:30 a.m., the normal breakfast cutoff time. 

But what about the true breakfast crowd?

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The San Francisco Giants get their own craft beer -- why not the L.A. Dodgers?

The morning after a marathon 14-inning affair that underscored the often bitter, always compelling enmity between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants, pioneering craft brewery Anchor Brewing Co. announced the release of a commemorative beer celebrating the 2014 Champion San Francisco Giants.

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Live discussion: It's lunchtime with Jonathan Gold
Starry Kitchen is back. This time, with crispy tofu balls and arcade games

Starry Kitchen, the pop-up restaurant known for its crispy tofu balls, chile crab and co-owner Nguyen Tran's banana costume, is back. And this time, there will be arcade games — and beer.

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You can now order a Mindy Kaling burger at Umami Burger. And yes, it's spicy

Actress and writer Mindy Kaling designed a burger for Umami Burger, and it's called the Mindy Burger.

So what does "The Mindy Project" star like on her burger? Cheese, and a lot of kick. 

The Mindy Burger comes topped with pickled jalapeño, cheese, fried onion strings and house-made Sriracha aioli. 

The burger is $13, and available at Umami Burger locations nationwide.

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