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(Chuck Burton / Associated Press)

President Trump announced steps toward creating a national school voucher program during his speech to Congress on  Tuesday night. 

"I am calling upon members of both parties to pass an education bill that funds school choice for disadvantaged youth, including millions of African American and Latino children," Trump said. "These families should be free to choose the public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school that is right for them."

Trump didn't provide details, but experts have said that the most likely way to do this at a national level would be through a tax credit program. 

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A protest over handling of sexual harrassment at UCLA.
A protest over handling of sexual harrassment at UCLA. (Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times)

The San Jose Mercury News requested the University of California's records on employee sexual misconduct. Records covering more than three years were released by the 10 campuses today.

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A nude photograph of an East Bay school administrator that was being circulated by students has led to multiple suspensions and an expulsion at a high school in Concord, according to local news outlets.  

The photo reportedly shows a high-ranking school administrator at an off-campus gym, NBC Bay Area reported. The picture was circulated around Clayton Valley Charter High School and led to searches of students’ phones.

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Applying to popular schools, such as the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, could get easier.
Applying to popular schools, such as the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, could get easier. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

For years, sophisticated middle- and upper-middle-class parents have worked out something like a secret science to sort, choose and get their children into the best schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The district hasn't made finding schools and comparing them easy.

Starting next fall, however, navigating the system should get simpler for all concerned.

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(Los Angeles Times)

The vast majority of Snapchat users are 13 to 34 years old, with 18- to 24-year-olds making up the largest segment. The Times interviewed six of them — high school and college students involved in its High School Insider program — to find out what gets them to open the app and what turns them off.

These teen users are valuable to Snap because they’re valuable to advertisers. They also interact with the app the most: Users 24 and younger visit it more than 20 times a day and spend at least 30 minutes there, while those 25 and older log 12 visits lasting a total of 20 minutes, according to Snap.

Robert Ruben Ornelas
Robert Ruben Ornelas (FBI)

A former Santa Ana teacher was sentenced to 190 years in federal prison Monday for traveling to the Philippines to have sex with two girls and videotaping the abuse, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

Robert Ruben Ornelas, 66, of Santa Ana, was convicted in November by a federal grand jury of two counts of engaging in illicit sexual conduct in a foreign place, three counts of producing child pornography and two counts of possessing child pornography.

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(Alex Wong / Getty Images)

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is in hot water over a statement that tied the history of black colleges to school choice policies.

On Monday, President Trump and DeVos met with the leaders of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). 

Following the meeting, DeVos released a statement recapping the event. It began by praising the schools for their innovation.

UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl
UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

In and around Los Angeles:

  1. Results are in, and Alex Caputo-Pearl remains president of the L.A. teachers union.
  2. The body of a 14-year-old student turned up in Los Feliz after a week-long search.

In California: 

  1. Are the state's Middle Class Scholarships for college worth saving?
  2. Increasing pension costs are taking a toll on the state's schools.


  1. Historically black colleges and universities are turning to the Trump administration for more funding.
  2. A transgender boy won a Texas state championship in girls' wrestling
  3. Chicago's schools are so cash-strapped, the schools chief says they might have to close three weeks early.
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UC San Diego
UC San Diego (File photo)

A new study from a group of university professors has found UC San Diego is one of the best schools in the country for providing upward social mobility to diverse students across the state and nation.

Among highly selective public universities, UC San Diego has the highest population of low-income students who, once they earn a degree, have a high probability of thriving in the middle class and beyond, the study found.