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No matter what Kellyanne Conway says, Trump can't repeal the Common Core

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway this week told CNN's Jake Tapper that the president is sticking to his guns on a campaign promise to repeal the Common Core.

"He wants to repeal the Common Core," she said in the wake of Betsy DeVos' confirmation. "He doesn't think that federal standards are better than local and state control."

There's just one hitch: He can't do that.

The Common Core is a set of learning goals designed to set a consistent bar across the country and give reading and math classes more depth. Governors worked with nonprofits to design the goals. Most states agreed to participate, but some backed out after the Core became political.

While it's true that the Obama administration did promote participation, the Common Core is not a federal initiative — so it's not something Trump can repeal. In fact, language in a new federal education law explicitly bars the Education secretary from influencing standards.

Even if Trump does pressure states to drop Common Core —perhaps by tweeting — schools in California  probably wouldn't change course.

Conway also said that all educational options should be on the table: "We’ve got to look at homeschooling and charter schools and school choice and other alternatives for certain students."

Hat tip to Education Week for bringing the clip to our attention.

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