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  • The probe into audit interference, ordered by UC regents, concluded that UC President Janet Napolitano approved a plan that led to the interference.
  • UC regents, meeting in San Francisco, chastised Napolitano for her role in the interference. Napolitano responded by saying she should have shown better judgment. 
  • On Wednesday, they heard about ways to make a UC education more affordable.
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What it's like taking college classes in high school

 (Grossmont Middle College High School)
(Grossmont Middle College High School)

Phillipa Villalobos, a senior at Grossmont Middle College High School, describes her experience taking college courses while in high school.

My teeth chattered as I reluctantly joined the crowd, desperately trying to read the buildings and find my class. My heart was waiting to stop at the ring of a bell that would inform me I was late, but a bell would never come. Although I was 16 and starting my junior year of high school, it was actually my first day of college.

The previous spring I had decided to apply to a Middle College program where 11th and 12th graders attend a community college to fulfill both high school and college credits simultaneously, with the exception of two mandatory high school classes that were held on the college campus and essentially the core of the program. The program has not only saved me money on AP and IB tests while offering college credit, but it has also served as a great transition to gain experience and confidence in college classes and communicating with college professors and staff.

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