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  • The Rodriguez investigation now includes conflict-of-interest issues, in addition to previously-announced charges.
  • The L.A. Unified school board spent much of Tuesday’s meeting arguing over nuts and bolts, and ultimately voted to continue starting the school year in August.
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UC Irvine to reinstate all 290 students whose admission offers were withdrawn for transcript problems

A tour guide leads a group of students around the UC Irvine campus Wedensday. (Allen J. Shcaben / Los Angeles Times)
A tour guide leads a group of students around the UC Irvine campus Wedensday. (Allen J. Shcaben / Los Angeles Times)

UC Irvine, under fire for rescinding nearly 500 admission offers two months before the start of fall term, announced Wednesday that it will reinstate all 290 students whose offers were withdrawn for failing to meet deadlines and other requirements for transcripts and test scores.

Appeals from students whose acceptances were withdrawn because of poor senior grades will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, said Ria Carlson, associate chancellor of strategic communications and public affairs.

“It’s clear that we don't like the way this was handled," Carlson said, adding that Chancellor Howard Gillman would issue a statement later Wednesday. “We should have been more sensitive in our approach. We probably should have worked more closely with students. We should have reached out to them by telephone.”

As of Tuesday, 112 of the 214 appeals from students whose offers were withdrawn for transcript-related problems had been granted. The success rate was lower for those whose offers were rescinded because of poor senior grades; in that category, eight of 132 appeals from 209 students had been granted.

Thomas A. Parham, vice chancellor of student affairs, acknowledged that campus officials were stricter about enforcing admission conditions this year but reiterated his contention that no acceptances were withdrawn from students who met all enrollment conditions. Those conditions include receiving a high school degree, submitting transcripts and test scores by deadlines and maintaining a weighted 3.0 senior-year grade point average with no Ds or Fs in UC-approved courses.

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