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One student's take on the value of community college

 (Daniel Hermosisima / West High Chieftain)
(Daniel Hermosisima / West High Chieftain)

As West (Torrance) High School junior Omar Rashad assesses higher education, he sees the value in starting at community college. 

Ever since National College Decision Day on May 1, high school seniors have been tooting their own horns, bragging about the colleges that have accepted them. Students who were admitted into universities like UCLA, UC Berkeley or any of the other prestigious undergraduate schools in California are often celebrated, but there is a large portion of high school students left out of the limelight.

This is the case mostly because of these students’ plans to take a wiser and more economical route to higher education, which means transferring after two years of community college into the UC or CSU school systems. Yes, there is not much to brag about when you are going to El Camino or Santa Monica Community College, because after all, it is not Stanford, but what matters is the end result.

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