Essential California: South L.A.'s violent weekend
Southern California Moments Your photos from around the Southland and beyond
Sunflowers in Sonoma

David Sanden photographed sunflowers growing in a small field at the Vintage Kennel Club, a dog ranch in Sonoma.

"These flowers were big and bold," he said. "Their color practically announced an invitation for a photograph."

Sanden took this photo July 3 with a Canon EOS 40D.

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A sidewalk stroll

The charm of this photograph by Davin Tan is irresistible. The juxtaposition is just so earnest and authentic, one can’t help but smile at it.

Walking down Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, Tan noticed the movie posters first, then the woman. He waited as she strolled down the street.   The framing of the moment plays so well off the advertisements, and the layers keep you engaged.  

Tan noticed the...

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All walks of life, feet-first

Last April, Gabe Mendez took part in an "Instameet" at the Poppy Fields in the Antelope Valley. The gatherings are a way for "people from all walks of life to take pictures and make new friends," Mendez says.

During the meet-up, one of the Instagram users suggested they lie on their backs and pretend to grow feet-first from the ground as Mendez stayed back to capture the moment with his iPhone 5S.


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"Blaxicans of L.A.": capturing two cultures in one

When race in this country is often discussed in black and white, where do those who don't quite fit the dime fall?

Walter Thompson-Hernandez, a researcher with the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration at USC, is attempting to answer that question with the help of his full-frame Nikon camera.

Two years ago, he began a research project on "Blaxican" identity, interviewing individuals of African...

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Game time in El Segundo

Zeke Anders photographed a basketball court from the top of an empty parking structure in El Segundo. This looks like it could be an Instagram image, but Anders used expired film and a Canon AE-1 to take this photo. 

"I used expired film because I had it laying around and I’ve seen interesting results: colors, burns," he said.

Anders took this photo at sunset on June 24.

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Carting around town

Sometimes, fun photography gets made when the initial intentions are motivated by a higher calling. This was the case for professional portrait photographer Max S. Gerber. His higher calling is being a work-at-home dad to his son, Clark.

He has a series of photos of his young son, a.k.a. #clarkincarts. The pictures started when Gerber took the boy around on errands and found that Clark really enjoyed...

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