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Where dinosaurs still reign

Tom Szabadi stumbled upon a prehistoric sight while exploring the small desert communities just outside Palm Springs.

He was on his way to a the Palm Springs Photo Festival. All he could see was the dusty road ahead and Highway 10 and distant houses to the side. And sand.

Suddenly, a dinosaur started to poke its head over the horizon.

The dinosaurs -- or dinosaur sculptures -- are part of the Cabazon...

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Sunset on the 170

Ross Richards took a 25-second-exposure photo of a pedestrian walkway over the 170 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley on May 3.

He used a Sony Alpha ILCE-7.

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Dog day afternoon

For Helen Kim, walking the streets of Los Angeles yields some interesting sights and discoveries.  Kim is a graphic designer and blogger based in Los Angeles who also gives walking tours of Koreatown based on her childhood memories of growing up in the lively and evolving neighborhood.

Kim was walking through a residential area admiring the retro architecture when she locked eyes with this little...

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Striking a pose on La Brea

From May to August, North Carolina-based assistant dance professor Jen Guy Metcalf teaches dance workshops in Los Angeles.

When she's not in the classroom, Metcalf photographs and films both professional dancers and students. "I love this city and finding interesting ways to capture dance in it," the self-coined minimalist said.

It was a scenic drive on La Brea Avenue to scope out potential shoot...

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Above it all

Theresa Solis captured this photo in Venice, on her way to chorus practice. 

The mariachis were performing on the roof of La Cabaña restaurant for Cinco de Mayo. 

"What struck me was the passion of these mariachis singing and playing against the sky," she said. "That's why I framed them that way without the spectacle directly below them."


Solis used an iPhone 6 to take this photo. 



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Creativity at work

That's Greg in the photo below. He's a connoisseur of cameras, especially well-aged film cameras.

His friend Andrew Oxenham captured this photo of him under the focus hood of his large format camera.

The two made a trek down to the South Bay near the Palos Verdes Peninsula, where Greg started to set up his camera on a huge cliff overlooking the sea. Oxenham had just picked his camera up when the moment...

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