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Thoughtful gazing at the Studio City Farmers Market

Lucy Rendler-Kaplan took a close-up photograph of a pony at the Studio City Farmers Market on July 11.

Rendler-Kaplan lived near the market until 2013, when she moved to Chicago. When work takes her back to Los Angeles every few weeks, she makes sure to visit the market, where she loves to photograph the animals.

Rendler-Kaplan took this photo with a Canon PowerShot SX40.

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Six stargazing photographers capture the Milky Way galaxy
Afternoon shadow play

Sungsoo Lee visited Sierra Vista Middle School in Irvine in June. There the shadow of a tree against a yellow building caught his attention.

"I noticed a boy running across, and luckily I was able to catch the picture," he said. 

Each week, we're featuring photos of Southern California and California submitted by readers.

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Endless horizon

How do you use Instagram to express yourself?  

Emily Guardado uses it to share the pieces of her experiences. She posts the little squares as a journal and says, “Photos have the potential to hold so much emotion and memory. When I realized that, I became passionate about photography.”

Guardado’s feed gives a glimpse into the life of this Southern Californian twentysomething.

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National Dog Day

When I chose to feature Foster Snell's image today, I didn't realize it would coincide with #NationalDogDay on Aug. 26, a day designated to celebrate canines and pet adoption.

But the editing stars aligned, I was thrown a bone, and so I decided to run with it.

Snell said that since moving to Huntington Beach a year ago, he's made a habit of wandering out to the beach with his camera.

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Point Dume silhouette

Jackeline Flamenco was in Malibu on her day off when she noticed a man making a music video at the beach. He stood atop a rock just as the sun began to descend. 

"Being at the right place at the right time can pay off," she said.

Flamenco used an iPhone 6 to make this photo on June 16 at Point Dume State Beach.


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