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Brett Ratner.
Brett Ratner. (Willy Sanjuan / Associated Press)

Melanie Kohler, the woman Brett Ratner sued last year after she accused him of rape, has asked the court to dismiss the producer’s defamation complaint on the grounds that he didn’t include sufficient facts to support his claim. 

The motion also argues that California’s Anti-SLAPP law, which protects against frivolous lawsuits targeting people with limited financial resources, should be applied to the Hawaii complaint and lead to its dismissal.  

"[S]uch threadbare, conclusory allegations are patently insufficient as a matter of law,” Kohler’s attorneys said in a motion filed Tuesday in U.S District Court in Hawaii. 

Alex Wagner
Alex Wagner (Rob Kim / Getty Images)

Showtime is going back to “The Circus” — without Mark Halperin. 

The network announced Wednesday that the behind-the-scenes political documentary will return for a third season on April 15, with CBS News correspondent Alex Wagner replacing Halperin, the influential and once-ubiquitous political journalist who was brought down by allegations of sexual harassment and assault last year. 

She will join co-hosts John Heilemann, who co-wrote the bestselling “Game Change” with Halperin, and political advisor Mark McKinnon. Currently co-anchor of “CBS This Morning Saturday” and a senior editor at the Atlantic, Wagner previously hosted “Now With Alex Wagner” on MSNBC from 2011 to 2015 and is known for her liberal perspective. She’s also previously appeared in “The Circus.” 

Doors drummer John Densmore at the new signs marking the intersection of Morrison Street and Densmore Avenue in Encino
Doors drummer John Densmore at the new signs marking the intersection of Morrison Street and Densmore Avenue in Encino (Scott Mitchell)

Last year’s Day of the Doors celebration in Los Angeles, held to mark the 50th anniversary of the release of the quartet’s debut album, is becoming an annual affair: The second installment is slated for Thursday at the intersection of Morrison Street and Densmore Avenue in Encino.

Doors drummer John Densmore will be on hand and is planning to read poetry written by lead singer Jim Morrison.

City Councilman Paul Koretz will unveil street signs marking the corner of Morrison and Densmore streets, which have long existed but without signs at the intersection.

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When the couple behind HGTV’s home renovation show “Fixer Upper” aren’t busy fixing up houses, they’re pretty busy making babies.

Reality stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are expecting their fifth child, according to an Instagram post from Chip on Tuesday showcasing his pregnant’s wife’s belly and a coordinating baby bump of his own.

“Gaines party of 7.. (If you’re still confused.. WE ARE PREGNANT)” the goofy contractor, 43, wrote.

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(Chris Pizzello / Associated Press)

There’s a lot of negativity in the world right now, so we need more films like this [‘Mudbound’] to remind us that we’re all connected, and that our history is truly shared. 

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Late-night comedians still have plenty of material in the new year thanks to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and, of course, our own President Donald Trump, whose New Year’s resolution apparently wasn’t to curb his outlandish statements.

"North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the 'Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.’ Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!" the president tweeted Tuesday evening.

"Happy New Year, everybody!" said Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. “We have two maniacs with nuclear warheads bragging about who has the bigger button.”

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(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

When I started out acting, I had a suspicion this [stardom] could happen, but that was all. I didn't care. I mean, I really didn't care. I had no commitments, no kids, no one to be responsible to. But then, in a funny kind of way, the less you care, the easier you seem to get there.