The Sunday Travel Section

Try these 18 destinations for 2018

Cities celebrating their 300th anniversary, a river that promises gorgeous wine country scenery, a continent that's extending an increasingly warm welcome, hidden corners of Europe, lively Latin American and Asian destinations, and a wildlife wonderland top our list for the new year.

Let the events of 1918 shape your travels in 2018

A hundred years ago, World War I ended, the influenza pandemic began, Richard Ripley wrote his first oddities column, and the French dip sandwich was born. All can inspire a journey.

What travelers must know for 2018

Do you need a new driver's license to board a plane? What's up with the State Department's warning system? What do the new rules for seeing Machu Picchu mean for you? How does a car rental service allow you to afford nicer wheels? This and more in this trove of travel information.

At LAX, top-end airline lounges offer a gentle place to decompress

Champagne and shower rooms, full bars and fine dining, open-air terraces and quiet spaces for sleepyheads are among the amenities in first-class getaways.

Thrilling hikes alongside face-sized spiders in Taiwan's version of Yosemite

The island might be best known for Taipei, its affluent urban capital, or its Buddhist temples and bustling night markets. But Taroko National Park has a coast and slopes dramatic enough to take over your trip.

Fiji always feels like an old friend

Whether you stay at a luxury seaside villa or a simple, off-the-grid thatch-roofed bure in the jungle, Fiji  has a laid-back, unpretentious hospitality that will make you feel like part of one big family.

The Mediterranean island of Menorca feeds body and soul

The Spanish island's natural splendors and casual ambience make for a memorable getaway. Just try to ignore the crowded beaches.

Between the rocks and the river on a weekend escape to Marble Canyon, Ariz.

The scenery and setting are grand, but don't expect speedy Wi-Fi and high-thread-count sheets. Instead, you'll find plenty of hiking, rafting and fishing in the Colorado River.

How to save big on Hawaii Island

Want to discover hidden Hawaii?  How about uncovering the best — and all the rest — so that you can plan a first-class trip at coach prices?  Here's how.

Saving money on Maui

How to achieve Maui wowie without your wallet saying “Owie.” Follow this advice and you can still sleep soundly at night (and keep your money in the bank).

Keep your costs down, fun factor up on Oahu

The Aloha State is captivatingly attractive – and expensive.  But with my insider tips, you can have a Champagne experience at sparkling-cider prices.

The Hawaiian snack li hing mui is everywhere, even margaritas and malasadas

If you've visited Hawaii, you've probably encountered li hing mui, known as crack seed. This island treat is seemingly everywhere. And now, it has inspired a few new twists on the snack that are not quite as intense. The result? A li hing revolution.

From yuck to yummy, reactions from a panel of li hing mui treat tasting

Some liked it; some hated it, but few were neutral. We asked a group of features journalists to sample li hing mui, and the results were laughable--and occasionally hilarious.

You can blame Walt Disney or 'Game of Thrones' — it doesn't matter. Britain's castles rock

England, Scotland and Wales are chockablock with these enchanting reminders of bygone days, and there are classes and trails to help you explore them.

Jaipur is awash in color, the soul of India's first planned city

Colleagues had raved about Jaipur, and it remained firmly fixed in my imagination ever since. When a trip finally delivered me to the old city, it was such a visual delight that it left none of my senses untouched.

Celebrate Jane Austen's legacy in England and in the U.S., but skip the Mr. Darcy T-shirt

Travelers can mark the 200th anniversary of the British author's death by visiting picturesque locales, including Bath and Chawton. And don't miss the Huntington Beach connection.

Carless road trips: Seeing San Diego without four wheels frees you to see it anew

What's better than a road trip in the old jalopy? A road trip without the jalopy. Here is what we call a "carless road trip" that puts San Diego at your feet (but it's not a walking tour).

In San Francisco, you simply don't need a car on Market Street and the waterfront. In fact, you'll be happier without one

San Francisco is surely the best big city in California for a carless trip. By streetcars you can cover Market Street and the Embarcadero. Then there are cable cars and buses..

From downtown L.A. to the beach and back, car-free and carefree

By bus or train, it's easy to spend a day moving between downtown L.A. and the beach at Santa Monica.

How a tenderfoot's horse trek in the Sierra showed him the magic of this pristine high country

On a pack trip, you can explore the peaks and creeks on horseback, with a mule lugging your gear, then camp by a lake. How it enhanced the romance of this rugged land for one temporary cowboy.

Crave the quirky? Here are six unusual places to stay

Want to sleep deep underground or nest in a birdhouse? Snooze in an Earthship? Rest your weary bones in these unusual destinations.

Cleveland, once called the mistake on the lake, is on the cusp of cool

Count this writer among the most surprised to see amazing stuff happening in the Rust Belt city, which is reinventing itself, attracting millennials and transplants who want to be here.

A multicultural find: ancient ruins in a far-flung outpost of the Roman Empire

Michael Vukadinovich of L.A. traveled to Morocco with his wife, Christin, in May.  He traveled to Volubilis, a former capital of Mauritania -- and got this photograph.

Wildflowers come and go, but in Anza-Borrego, the desert will always be the star

Miss the epic wildflower bloom? No worries--there's still plenty see: Petroglyphs, unique plants, slot canyons, mud caves and fossils abound.

San Francisco's Summer of Love events help you recall a pivotal time in American history

You'll find a bit of everything during San Francisco's celebration of its past.

Ottawa, Canada's center of government, is Cool with a capital C

Yawn. That's what many people do when they think of such cities. But Ottawa is ideal epicenter for celebrations to showcase the country during its 150th birthday bash.