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Love us

The LA Times should be commended for running this story. They should not be "ashamed of themselves." If this act really happened - posing with enemy corpses - than why should the paper not run them? If it happened and it's the truth - how could they NOT run it?


Hate us

Thank you, Los Angeles Times. I am leaving for a deployment to Afghanistan in a couple of weeks, and your publication of these photos has put my life in yet more danger.


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Recent comment on HOMICIDE REPORT:

Today makes one year since i watched three pathetic men with no hope steal u from ur family, me and ur daughter. If i could do anything to change the things that happened to u i would. everyday i wish that i had been strong enough to help u but i was so scared.

-- your love, on Ira Koger, 25, died Feb. 25, 2010


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