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  • The probe into audit interference, ordered by UC regents, concluded that UC President Janet Napolitano approved a plan that led to the interference.
  • UC regents, meeting in San Francisco, chastised Napolitano for her role in the interference. Napolitano responded by saying she should have shown better judgment. 
  • On Wednesday, they heard about ways to make a UC education more affordable.
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Don't dismiss the concerns of young people, one teen writes

 (Athena Jreij / HS Insider)
(Athena Jreij / HS Insider)

Athena Jreij, a junior at St. Lucy's Priory High School in Glendora,  describes how she feels when adults write off the worries of young people.

As I kneeled on the pew of the prayer room in my Catholic high school, my skirt tucked around my thighs, my hands were clasped tightly, intertwined. ... My chin rested on my fist and looking up to Mother Mary holding baby Jesus, tears ran down my face, landing on the collar of my white polo. My shoulders sat heavy and my heart lay in my chest with great weight. In my head, I asked for guidance and strength, but was interrupted by the faint noise of two teachers laughing in the faculty room next door.

“Oh yes, it’s so hard being a 16-year-old and your only worry is homework and texting on your phone!”

“Yes, just wait until you’re an adult and have an actual life with bills, dinner to make at home, and kids to look after! You definitely won’t be able to handle that.”

At this moment, hundreds of conversations filtered through my head.

“You aren’t depressed, you’re only 16.”

“You’re a teenager, your life isn’t hard. Stop being so dramatic.”

“You don’t know what real sadness is, you just make a big deal of things.”

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