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  • Gov. Jerry Brown proposed the creation of California’s first public fully online community college.
  • L.A. Unified officials announced Supt. Michelle King will retire after an extended medical leave.
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UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol T. Christ: 'Free speech has itself become controversial'

 (David Butow / For The Times)
(David Butow / For The Times)

UC Berkeley, home of the free speech movement, has become the nation’s most prominent stage for violent confrontations between the left and the right. This month, conservative speakers Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter and Steve Bannon all are expected to visit Berkeley, and the campus is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in security costs to prevent violence.

Chancellor Carol T. Christ, who has more than three decades of teaching and administrative experience at Berkeley and also served as president of Smith College, said a “combustible mix” of changing youth sensibilities, political polarization and the choice of university campuses as battlegrounds has made protecting free speech more fraught than ever. She spoke with The Times on Wednesday in San Diego, during a break in the UC regents meeting.

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