Dec. 15, 2019
The bakery became famous for its Cuban cakes and pastries. It also became a touchstone for generations of Cuban immigrants in Los Angeles.
In almost a year since the government began sending asylum seekers back to Mexico, only 11 people have been granted asylum.
Among the Vietnamese diaspora, support for the protesters in Hong Kong has been ongoing and pronounced, highlighting ties between Vietnam, Hong Kong.
Violence erupts at a town hall event where an Armenian organization was thanking U.S. government officials for their support of a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide.
The probe finds Gregory Rodriguez discriminated against female, same-sex and disabled employees.
The producer and two attorneys who defended a minor accused in the killing of a police officer were accused of misconduct by an L.A. County sheriff’s sergeant.
Long-range forecasts suggest that California’s holidays may be a bit wetter than normal, but it’s too early to be certain
Year in Review
Two years ago, she nearly quit music. Today, Lizzo is nominated for eight Grammy awards and twerks for the soul of America at sold-out arenas.
LeBron James and Anthony Davis put in a pair of energetic performances as the Lakers fend off a pesky effort by the Atlanta Hawks in a 101-96 win.
Philip Rivers says he’s not sure how he figures into the Chargers’ 2020 plans after the team’s seven-turnover game in a 39-10 loss to the Vikings.
Money is definitely a factor in why USC decided to keep Clay Helton as its football coach. The Pac-`12, and its dwindling revenues, is partially to blame.
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