Full coverage: Dozens charged — including Hollywood actresses — in connection with college admissions scheme

Federal prosecutors accused top CEOs, two Hollywood actresses and a legendary fashion designer of taking part in an audacious scheme to get their children into elite universities through fraud, bribes and lies. Of the 32 parents named in the FBI affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Boston, more than half stand accused of conspiring to bribe their way into USC.

The admissions scandal revealed yet another reason to rethink college sports

The emphasis on college athletics has long since reached questionable levels.

Expelling the students caught up in the college admissions scandal would be cruel and unnecessary

Readers say the children who might have benefited from their parents' fraudulent activities to get them into elite colleges should not be expelled.

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero says he's outraged by college admissions scandal

UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero expressed disgust over the recent admissions scandal that rocked his school in his first public comments about the ordeal Friday and said steps were being taken to ensure it never happened again.

The legal way the rich get their kids into elite colleges: Huge donations for years

As a national college admissions scandal continues to generate public outrage, there are still plenty of wealthy parents who get their kids into school the old-fashioned way — by spending lots of money legally.

Podcast: Bill Plaschke discusses why he called for the firing of USC's Lynn Swann

Bill Plaschke discusses why he feels so strongly that USC needs to fire Lynn Swann. Plaschke also talks about LeBron James and the Lakers, Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers, Mike Trout and the Angels and more.

He’s getting into college without the help of wealth and privilege — and it’s hard work

Damion Lester lives in a violent and impoverished L.A. neighborhood, but he's kept up his grades and is getting into college — without the wealth and advantages of families such as those ensnared in the college admissions scandal.

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin face court amid settlement pressure in admissions scandal

The next move in the college admissions scandal will unfold in a Boston federal courtroom April 3, when Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin and other defendants are set to appear in court.

College admissions scandal: Can USC’s cautious new leader be the crusader it needs?

As chancellor of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carol L. Folt was seen as a cautious leader. Now, she becomes the first female president of USC at a time when scandals have dominated the headlines.

As colleges decide fate of children in admissions scandal, a key question: What did they know?

The extent of the children's knowledge of the college admissions scandal their parents are ensnared in could play a role in what happens to them.

College admissions scandal: UCLA men’s soccer coach Jorge Salcedo resigns in wake of bribery allegations

UCLA men’s soccer coach Jorge Salcedo has resigned in the wake of his alleged involvement in accepting $200,000 in bribes to help enroll two players using fake athletic profiles, an athletic department official confirmed Thursday.

Former University of San Diego basketball coach in college scandal is identified

Lamont Smith was basketball coach at University of San Diego for nearly three seasons, from April 2015 until February 2018. He allegedly received more than $10,000 for facilitating admissions to the school as part of scheme federal indictment says was run by Rick Singer of Newport Beach.

A wiretap brings privilege and helicopter parenting to the fore in the college admissions scandal

In the college admissions scandal, wealthy parents such as Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are accused of going to great — and illegal — lengths to help their children. But experts say such behavior can have harmful effects on the children later in life.

USC selects Carol Folt as new president as university tries to move past scandals

The former chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will become the first female president in USC’s 139-year history.

USC has lost its way. Here’s how the new president can put it back on track

Advice for USC's new president: Ignore those, no matter how wealthy or influential, who stand in the way of change.

Podcast: A deep dive into the college admissions scandal at USC

Of all the schools linked to the college admissions scandal, only USC is alleged to have had an administrator involved. Reporters Brady McCollough and Nathan Fenno discuss the current situation and take a broader look at a scandal-plagued institution.

Wealthy parents in admissions scandal under intense pressure to make deals. Here’s why

Legal experts said they would not be surprised if many parents in the college admissions scandal end up making deals.

Two former USC football recruiters point out how administrator could have manipulated admissions

Two former USC football recruiting staff members who worked directly with an administrator who stands accused of accepting bribes said they had no knowledge of the alleged scheme.

UC should expel students and revoke degrees after admissions scandal, lawmaker says

California legislators questioned the integrity of the UC admissions process and received few answers from university officials at a two-hour hearing.

No soccer experience, but she still got a spot on elite UCLA team in college admissions scandal

Lauren Isackson did not play competitive soccer before matriculating at UCLA, prosecutors say, and yet, for an entire season, she was a member of an elite team that finished the 2017 season as runner-up to national champion Stanford.

College admissions scandal: Wealthy parents told to make deal or face more charges

Multiple sources tell the L.A. Times that federal prosecutors are interested in talks with some of those charged in the sweeping college admissions scam.

College admissions scandal hits UC Berkeley; fake SAT score allegedly submitted

Jordan Sidoo — whose father was named in an indictment linked to the elaborate college admissions scam that came to light last week — is being investigated by UC Berkeley for allegedly submitting falsified SAT scores as part of his application.

College admissions scammers found ‘the hole in the Death Star’

There have long been serious concerns about the fairness and equity of the admissions process to elite university. But now, there are concerns about its very integrity.

Amid college admissions scandal, USC announces tuition increase

USC announced a 3.5% increase, which the university said is one of the smallest tuition increases in 50 years.

Powerful parents lose jobs, face backlash over college admissions scandal

Parents and others are expected to be charged in the college admissions scandal. Many have faced additional fallout, including lost jobs and canceled collaborations.

Parents in college-admissions scandal got tax breaks. Outrage sparks calls for change

Legislation being considered in Washington would eliminate tax breaks for charitable donations to universities and colleges during the admissions process.

In admissions scandal, the students should be expelled

The answer is clear to the big question in the admissions scandal — what should happen to the kids? They should all be expelled.

Admissions scandal reinforces stereotypes but elite colleges admitting more low-income students

Top colleges have poured resources into recruiting and supporting low-income students, and their efforts have shown results. But the recent admissions scandal paints a much different picture in the public eye.

The college cheating scandal hit these Eastside high school kids hard

Boyle Heights Beat reporters can't stop thinking about the admissions scandal as they await word on their own college applications and craft stories about the con.

Fallout from college admissions scandal worsening for accused parents, schools

From civil lawsuits to talk of new legislation, fallout from college admissions scandal worsening for accused parents, institutions.

Lynn Swann says USC was ‘blindsided’ by alleged actions of administrator in college admissions scandal

Lynn Swann, USC's athletic director, offers his first public comments on the college admissions scandal that involved a school administrator.

Audacious college admissions scandal left so many red flags missed by so many

Rick Singer's scheme — fraudulent testing, creating star athletes out of kids who'd never played the sports, millions in bribes — was so over the top. But for all the red flags and some of America's best universities, nothing was done.

The rich buying names on college buildings is ‘legal bribery,’ Gov. Gavin Newsom says

Gov. Gavin Newsom, during a national media tour to defend his decision to ban California death row executions, decried "legal bribery" in the college admissions process, including favors given to big donors. Newsom's comments come amid the college admissions scandal that touched UCLA and USC.

More wealthy parents could be swept up in widening college admissions scandal

Federal authorities have said the investigation into college admissions fraud is ongoing, and there are signs more parents could be swept up.

College admissions scandal: USC to deny entry to some students involved in alleged scam

Amid growing frustration and anger, USC will deny entry to about half a dozen students involved in the college admissions scandal.

Can you trust investment executives who were snared in the college cheating scandal?

Some of those indicted in the admissions scandal occupy positions of trust regulated by government. Can they be trusted in their businesses?

Olivia Jade, daughter of Lori Loughlin, dropped by Sephora amid college admissions scandal

Sephora has ended its brand partnership with social-media influencer Olivia Jade Giannulli, the daughter of actress Lori Loughlin and designer Mossimo Giannulli, in wake of a college admissions scandal enveloping her and her parents.

Hallmark cuts Lori Loughlin from all projects amid college admissions scandal

Hallmark has severed ties with Lori Loughlin, the actress who was among dozens indicted by federal prosecutors on Tuesday in connection with an elaborate scheme aimed at getting students into elite colleges.

Just miles from USC and the admissions scandal, these students sell food for college money

The students of Puente, a transfer club at East LA College, work year-round to help each other make it to 4-year universities, offering a

Admissions scandal exposes much that’s wrong with what we teach kids to value

What should parents want for their kids: a fancy college, or a life of meaning?

How an L.A. parent’s tip uncovered massive college admissions scandal

The L.A. parent provided vital information that launched the investigation that uncovered shocking corruption and cheating in the college admissions process.

College cheating scandal prompts resignations and questions at elite prep schools

Some of Southern California's most elite private schools are caught up in the national college admissions cheating scandal, including Sage Hill and Harvard Westlake.

Two charged in college admissions scandal resign from Sage Hill School’s board

Douglas Hodge and Michelle Janavs, two of the parents charged in connection with the wide-reaching college admissions cheating scandal, have resigned from their positions on the board of trustees of Sage Hill School in Newport Coast.

Bill McGlashan fired from TPG amid college cheating scandal

TPG Growth is best known for its landmark investments in such companies as AirBnB and Uber. It also helped launch the Burbank movie studio STX Entertainment.

Sadly, it’s no surprise that USC was at the center of the college admissions scandal

There have been too many examples of self-dealing, corruption and willful ignorance at USC to dismiss the college cheating scandal as the result of a few bad apples.

11 lies uncovered in the college admissions scam: a phony coxswain, made-up learning disabilities and fictional athletes

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli saw rowing as their daughter’s ticket into USC, even though she never competed in the sport, prosecutors allege.

College admissions scandal fallout: Stanford students sue UCLA, USC and Yale

USC, Yale University, UCLA and other colleges were sued by two Stanford University students seeking class status over the admissions bribery scandal.

Mediocre grades? Weak SATs? Rick Singer got you into an elite college — for a price

William "Rick" Singer is an ultramarathon runner, a former high school basketball coach and a father. Prosecutors say he is also the mastermind of a multimillion-dollar college admissions scheme to help the rich and famous gain their children entry to some of the nation's most elite universities.

Will children at center of college admissions scandal pay a price along with their parents?

Administrators are reviewing admission decisions after authorities uncovered a cheating scheme in which families paid huge sums to gain access to top schools.

A lingering question in the college admissions scandal: Why?

For wealthy families, securing your child a spot at an elite school can be the ultimate status symbol.

USC’s central role in college admissions scandal brings anger and dismay

USC, reeling through a decade of scandals, faces a reckoning with its deep ties to a college admissions scam roiling higher education. To many inside and outside campus, it speaks to a culture in desperate need of change.

College admissions scandal: How could rich parents gaslight their children like that?

In the cacophony of commentary about how a corrupt system allowed rich parents to buy entrance to elite colleges for their children, it's worth remembering that the system is not particularly at fault. At the heart of the allegations is a white collar crime ring.

In wake of admissions scandal, USC needs to fire athletic director Lynn Swann

In the wake of news that his program endorsed the admittance of fake athletes, it’s time for USC to retire Lynn Swann and find a real athletic director.

USC athletic administrator arrested for bribery in admissions scandal ‘knew her stuff’

Donna Heinel emerged as the only senior athletic department administrator indicted in the $25-million racketeering conspiracy announced Tuesday in Boston.

UC investigates university involvement in college admissions scandal

University of California President Janet Napolitano has ordered an investigation into UC involvement in the nationwide college cheating scam that has ensnared dozens of wealthy families.

How the largest college admissions scandal ever let wealthy parents cheat the system

Inside operation "Varsity Blues," an audacious scheme based out of California that used bribes, test cheating and fraud to get the kids of CEOs and actors into top schools.

Marketing guru Jane Buckingham caught up in college admissions scandal

The youth marketing expert created The Cassandra Report, Trend Central and The Intelligence Group, all of which she sold to talent agency CAA.

What we know about Mark Riddell, a test-taking whiz linked to a college cheating scam

Mark Riddell is "just a really smart guy," a U.S. attorney said. Riddell is accused of fraud and money laundering in connection with an alleged scheme of taking college entrance tests for students whose parents typically paid $10,000 per test, authorities say.

Why wasn’t William H. Macy charged in college admissions scandal that targeted wife Felicity Huffman?

Federal prosecutors charged actress Felicity Huffman with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud, but not her husband, actor William H. Macy.

On 'Full House,' Lori Loughlin's character knew cheating on school admissions was wrong

Lori Loughlin's "Full House" character knew way back in 1993 that cheating to get kids into a good school was wrong. In Season 6 of the classic sitcom, her Aunt Becky chastised John Stamos' Uncle Jesse about "embellishing" their twins' scholastic achievements.

Late-night hosts take aim at Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman over admissions scandal

Riffing on news that dozens, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, were involved in a college bribery scheme, late-night hosts Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert weighed in Tuesday night.

Lori Loughlin released on $1-million bail in college admissions scandal

The two actresses were among dozens swept up in what prosecutors called the largest college admissions scandal they’ve ever seen.

College admissions scandal snares actresses, CEOs and coaches; alleged mastermind pleads guilty

Dozens have been indicted, including actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, in a scheme aimed at getting students into elite colleges.

Newport Beach and Laguna Beach connections abound in college admissions scandal

A Newport Beach company is at the center of a wide-reaching, audacious scheme to get the children of the rich and famous into elite universities through fraud, bribes and lies.

College admissions scandal: Here is everyone charged in the case

We list all those charged in what prosecutors call a massive scam in which wealthy parents allegedly paid to help their children gain entrance to top colleges.

‘This is disgusting’: College cheating scandal shows ugly side of admissions game

The huge business around getting kids into elite colleges has long raised eyebrows. But Operation Varsity Blues exposes the ugly side of this. Will academia respond?

How USC’s ‘side door’ allowed unqualified prospective students to gain admission

Tuesday morning, the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts announced a dozen indictments, exposing a $25-million racketeering conspiracy in which parents from around the country bribed coaches and athletic administrators to designate their children falsely as recruited athletes.

We’re used to celebrity scandals, but oh my God, Felicity Huffman?

For years, Felicity Huffman seemed like one of the most grounded women in Hollywood. One massive college admissions fraud later, it turns out, she wasn't.

Rick Singer’s nonprofit was supposed to help poor kids. But elite colleges got most of its grants

A nonprofit at the center of a college cheating scandal gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to athletic programs at USC, Chapman University and other schools in recent years, tax documents show.

‘The system is rigged’ feels real when the rich cheat to get their kids into top colleges

Felicity Huffman is among those accused in a college admissions cheating scheme that sends a corrosive lesson to our kids.

Felicity Huffman awoke to FBI agents with guns drawn at her L.A. home in college cheating raid

Felicity Huffman awoke to FBI agents with guns drawn at her L.A. home in college cheating scandal. She spent hours in federal custody.

Five California residents arrested in cheating scheme to obtain student visas for Chinese nationals

There were over 40 students who took advantage of this scheme and who were able to attend top-ranked colleges, including UCLA, Columbia University and New York University.

Elite L.A. prep schools get subpoenas from feds in college cheating scandal

Federal authorities issued subpoenas to elite L.A. prep schools for records involving some of the students involved in the fraud case.

Rick Singer promised wealthy teens elite colleges, even if they didn’t have the grades

William “Rick” Singer promised to help high school students get into elite colleges that seemed unattainable given their grades and test scores.

USC fires administrator and coach arrested in college admissions fraud scheme

USC senior associate athletic director Donna Heinel and water polo coach Jovan Vavic were fired Tuesday after being indicted for their alleged roles in a college admissions fraud scheme.

UCLA men’s soccer coach placed on leave after indictment in college admissions scam

Longtime UCLA men’s soccer coach Jorge Salcedo was placed on leave by the school Tuesday morning after being indicted as part of a widespread corruption scheme involving the admission of students to top universities using falsified test scores and athletic profiles.

Inside the audacious college scheme to get kids of the rich and famous into elite schools

Federal prosecutors dubbed their investigation “Operation Varsity Blue” and said it blew the lid off a massive fraud scheme aimed at getting the children of the rich and powerful into elite universities.

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin’s projects under scrutiny amid college exam scandal

Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were among dozens indicted by federal prosecutors on Tuesday in connection with an elaborate scheme aimed at getting students into elite colleges. Will the charges affect their current and upcoming projects?

Olivia Jade, Lori Loughlin’s daughter snared in scandal, is rising social media star

Actress Lori Loughlin's daughter Olivia Jade Giannulli is an influencer whose digital presence boasts make-up tutorials, fashion-week appearances and vlogging around the University of Southern California, where she is a student.

Forget incompetence, USC's athletic department is simply corrupt

Trojan Nation learned Tuesday was that USC’s athletic department was something worse than comically inept. It was also brazenly corrupt.

College admissions and testing fraud scheme: Indictment

Federal prosecutors have alleged a nationwide conspiracy involving cheating on college entrance exams. Here are documents unsealed in the case.

College admissions and testing fraud scheme: Charging document

Charging documents are released as federal prosecutors indicted dozens of people — including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin — in connection with an elaborate scheme aimed at getting students into elite colleges.