Feb. 19, 2020
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Uninsured Californians still have time to avoid a penalty for not having healthcare if they sign up through Covered California by March 31.
UC Riverside’s 113-year-old Givaudan Citrus Variety Collection was founded as a place to gather and study as many citrus specimens as possible.
One firefighter has died and another is missing after crews respond to the Porterville library fire
En route to a fundraiser Trump was greeted by supporters who waved, and protesters who held signs that read “JAIL TRUMP.”
The men’s bodies were found near the grave of a man killed in Mexico in December, authorities confirmed Tuesday.
LeBron James has some thoughts on the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal and how he would feel if a team tried to cheat him out of a title.
In the future, when you order a coffee at McDonald’s or Starbucks, it could be served in the same cup you used a few months earlier and tossed away.
The Hollywood Bowl’s 2020 season celebrates the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote, loads of female performances and a Pan-American music initiative with lots of Latin rhythm. “School of Rock” will be summer’s staged musical. Plus plenty of Gustavo Dudamel, John Williams and Harry Potter.
Dodgers infielder Tyler White had some playing time with the Houston Astros in 2017. White is declining to speak in detail about the Astros’ actions.
Giannis Antetokounmpo’s outstanding skills are one reason why the Milwaukee Bucks are fully capable of beating the Lakers or Clippers for the NBA title.
In the new Apple docuseries “Visible: Out on Television,” the decades-long fight for LGBTQ representation on TV is only just beginning.
Mexican-Japanese artist Shizu Saldamando’s portraits of artists and friends at Oxy Arts show a thriving Latinx art movement. Rafa Esparza, Ramiro Gomez, poet Raquel Gutiérrez and Guadalupe Rosales are some of the faces on the walls.
Ja’Net DuBois, who played the vivacious neighbor Willona Woods on “Good Times” and composed and sang the theme song for “The Jeffersons,” has died.
Yemen’s powerful Houthi rebels are demanding to be given a cut of the international aid donated to keep millions of Yemenis out of starvation and epidemics.
Authorities say the 6-year-old girl who disappeared from her frontyard after school was killed by a neighbor who then killed himself.
A small instrument that two reports say was found inside drones which targeted the heart of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry and those in the arsenal of Yemen’s Houthi rebels, matches components recovered in downed Iranian drones in Afghanistan and Iraq
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