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Bay Area falling behind on quake safety despite booming tech economy

Property values are soaring to stratospheric levels. The tech-fueled economy is booming. But the Bay Area has stalled on seismic safety effort. Some fear officials are losing a golden moment with so many flush with so much money.

Decoding your baby's DNA: It can be done. But should it be?

A $25-million federal effort has studied the value of sequencing babies' entire DNA. Tests show this can help very sick newborns, but it also raises complex questions.

Can a dinner conversation — or a hundred — ease racial division?

Seven strangers sat at a dinner table in downtown Los Angeles, ringed by reporters jotting down notes, and set out to talk about race.

The CIA closed its original 'black site' years ago. But its legacy of torture lives on in Thailand

'We had never heard of waterboarding before,' says one human rights worker. 'It was only after 2004 or 2005 that it’s been used here.'

Trump claims bragging rights on North Korea, but Kim is also acting from a position of strength

Kim Jong Un can afford to suspend tests because, he proclaimed earlier this year, his nuclear arsenal is complete — and capable, he claims, of attacking the United States.

With recession in the rear view, a more upbeat California looks to choose a new governor

As California chooses a new governor, the state seems to be enjoying something unusual in these tumultuous political times: a feeling of relative contentment.