March 29, 2023


California Highway Patrol

Six California Highway Patrol officers, a sergeant and a nurse have been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of a man following a DUI stop in March 2020.

Opioid Crisis

Timeshare Spin

Newport Beach has joined a host of destination cities in California moving to regulate fractional home ownership, in which multiple people own a small share of a neighborhood home that’s used as a vacation property.

Column One

‘People laughed at me for being fat, and I would just laugh along.’ Now she’s getting ready to perform in one of L.A.’s hottest strip revues.


The 2014 National League MVP and all-time franchise strikeout king has opted for consecutive one-year contracts with the Dodgers so that he can leave the sport on his terms.


‘Surreal,’ says Bridgetown Roti’s Rashida Holmes of being named an award finalist along with some of L.A.’s other top culinary talent.


Editors’ Pick

The Times traveled 6,000 miles and attended 21 games during the senior season of LeBron James’ son. After months of observations and 70 interviews, two truths became clear.



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