Oct. 22, 2019
Top News
Some Southern California Edison customers in L.A., San Bernardino, Kern, Riverside, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties are considered for power outages.
The governor asked the state attorney general to investigate whether the state’s leading oil and gas suppliers are involved in unfair practices.
Preliminary vote returns in a tight election indicated that neither Trudeau’s Liberals nor his Conservative rivals will capture a majority in Parliament, though the incumbent prime minister was declared the winner because he has the whip hand in efforts soon to be underway to cobble together a governing coalition.
Former USC Trojans football players Matt Leinart and Brandon Hance are among those tied to an investor named in a house-flipping lawsuit filed by actress Rachel Bloom and writer-producer Dan Gregor.
The report draws parallels between the campaigns launched by tobacco companies and oil industries, both with a goal of delaying government policies and regulations that could cut into their profits.
California voters who aren’t in a political party can vote in the Democratic presidential primary in 2020. Republicans, though, have excluded them.
Douglas Hodge reversed course after prosecutors warned parents who had so far maintained their innocence that they could be charged with federal program bribery.
The suspect in a torture killing in Alaska’s biggest city ended up leading police right to him, first by losing a digital memory card that contained video of the dying woman. Then came an even more innocuous blunder: His accent.
A Colorado mother who sought donations to cover medical treatments for her daughter and promoted the girl’s “bucket list” of dreams to fulfill before she died has been indicted on a murder charge in the 7-year-old’s death that was previously believed to be from a terminal disease.
Twin brothers Marcus and Alex Lewis candidly discuss a devastating long-held childhood secret in the Netflix documentary “Tell Me Who I Am.”
Disney’s new trailer for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” features the return of fan favorites Rey, Finn, Chewy and more — plus some new faces.
Amid the impeachment inquiry, it’s important not to forget the full sweep of the damage Donald Trump has done, and continues to do.
There is no issue more important than driving Donald Trump out of office at the ballot box in 2020.
Democratic candidates have put out countless plans and policy statements. Voters beware! Do not be beguiled by patently unachievable ideas designed to win primaries.
Are Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren — and Donald Trump — too old to be president of the United States?
Anyone who watches television knows being a member of the British royal family is tough, so why are Meghan and Harry getting so much flack for saying so?
Summer Walker’s debut album broke streaming and sales records last week, but the Gen Z Mary J. Blige is so cripplingly shy that she refuses to do interviews.
After a breakout role in the acclaimed indie “Leave No Trace,” New Zealand’s own Thomasin McKenzie is a rising star with a mission to make a difference in the world.
HBO’s “Watchmen” examines race, white supremacy and police brutality. Sunday night’s series premiere has creator Damon Lindelof asking, “Should we have done it?”
Kobe Bryant won’t be attending the Lakers’ season opener, but he has an idea as to why Kawhi Leonard picked the Clippers over the Lakers.
Celebrating division titles is no longer good enough for team that has Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and championship goals.
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