Nov. 19, 2019
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Public impeachment inquiry hearings resume with witnesses who have direct knowledge of Trump’s call with Ukraine’s president
A vast majority of Los Angeles County voters feel that law enforcement should have a larger role in addressing the homelessness crisis, according to a new poll conducted for the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Business Council Institute.
In the five days since two Saugus High students were shot to death — and the teenage gunman, one of their classmates, killed himself — Santa Clarita’s schools may have been closed but their houses of worship were open and busy.
Documents reviewed by The Times reveal that the chemical formula that makes Juul so palatable and addictive dates back more than four decades — to Reynolds’ tobacco laboratories.
Two gunmen walked through an unlocked side gate at the Fresno home at 7:48 p.m. and shot into a crowd of more than a dozen men, police say.
If a life or health insurer goes bust, other insurance companies will step in to help cover policyholders. In California, insurers can pass along these costs to customers.
The studio T-Series has overcome powerful rivals, legal challenges, gangsters and tragedy on its way to dominating the world’s biggest video-sharing site.
The Lakers’ iconic gold jersey is a huge fan favorite, but the team keeps treating the Staples Center faithful to purple threads. What’s up with that?
The Scorpion submarine, which became a Long Beach tourist attraction, had deteriorated so much that it was closed in 2015. Plans are to remove the sub by mid May.
Lucas visits the Martirosyan family and their restaurant, Mini Kabob, a three-table grilled meat specialty place in Glendale, home of much of L.A.'s Armenian community.
The area of deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is the largest recorded since 2008 and is about the size of the U.S. states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined.
A gas explosion inside a coal mine in northern China has killed 15 miners and left nine injured, authorities said Tuesday.
Months of protest have driven many Hong Kongers to consider moving abroad and rekindled memories of the 1990s, when hundreds of thousands fled out of fear of communist rule.
Detective Trapp
American Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weeks are released in southern Zabul province after more than three years in Taliban captivity.
The decision to soften the U.S. position on Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank is largely symbolic but could also give a boost to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
President Trump’s unscheduled weekend visit to Walter Reed medical center raised suspicions about his health, despite the White House’s insistence that the president was getting a head start on his annual physical.
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