Oct. 23, 2019
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A giant open-pit copper and gold dig could yield sales of more than $20 billion in two decades, but Pebble Mine would place the world’s greatest wild salmon run at risk forever.
The truck, which was believed to have come from Bulgaria, was found by ambulance workers.
In a historic gift, billionaire developer Rick Caruso is donating $50 million to Pepperdine Law School to help underserved students attend, pay off student loans and enter public service.
Trump’s rhetoric has created a backlash among immigrants, many of whom are applying to gain citizenship and registering to vote in time for the 2020 election. Will there be enough of them to make a difference?
Toxic chemicals linked to cancer have been found in dozens of California water systems. Here are some often-asked questions residents have about how to limit their exposure and reduce the level of PFAS in their tap water.
In a statement, Hill said she is going through a divorce “from an abusive husband who seems determined to try to humiliate me.”
Google, Microsoft, IBM and Intel have been pursuing quantum technology, which could vastly speed up information processing.
Go Get Em Tiger is aiming to be more than just a coffee shop; restaurant-caliber food and cool apparel fit for a boutique clothing shop are part of the brand’s growing identity as a coffee lifestyle company.
Democratic candidates have put out countless plans and policy statements. Voters beware! Do not be beguiled by patently unachievable ideas designed to win primaries.
Amid the impeachment inquiry, it’s important not to forget the full sweep of the damage Donald Trump has done, and continues to do.
There is no issue more important than driving Donald Trump out of office at the ballot box in 2020.
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The single most important issue in 2020 is ending the misrule of Donald Trump.
‘The Battle of 187' podcast
Chances are, if you live outside the middle of the country, you’ve probably never heard of Braum’s.
Critic Patricia Escárcega reviews chef Rocío Camacho’s mole-centric Mexican restaurant in Paramount, la Diosa de los Moles.
The scent of money from an avocado boom in Mexico has drawn gangs and hyper-violent cartels that have hung bodies from bridges and cowed police forces.
On Saturday night, Shan McClain watched as her two sons suffered serious injuries playing football for the USC Trojans. It was the ultimate test of faith for her.
LAFC’s Bob Bradley guided the team to a 21-4-9 regular-season mark and an MLS-record 72 points en route to earning coach of the year honors.
Juan Soto homered onto the train tracks high above the left field wall and hit a two-run double to spearhead the Nationals’ 5-4 victory over the Astros.
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