Dec. 1, 2022


Rail strike

Fearing harm to the U.S. economy, the Senate passes a bill to bind rail companies and workers to a proposed settlement reached in September.

Student loans

The Supreme Court declines to revive President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, but agrees to rule early next year on its legality.

Unrest in China

Democracy under attack

Column One

What’s the probability of something happening? Or of two things happening at once? Scientists offer up explanations for ‘meaningful coincidences.’


Perhaps you’ve come across this popular train on TikTok, where people rave about its gorgeous observation cars. Here’s what the ride in coach is really like.


Eight decades ago, the Mojave Desert was home to hundreds of tortoises per square mile. Today, most tortoise populations in the wild have fallen to 2 to 3 adults per square mile, largely due to climate change, loss of habitat and an increase in the raven population. Can California’s Endangered Species Act save the tortoises from extinction?



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